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  • 45% of HOA's have raised fees, our solution of revenue generation allows HOA's to minimize a rate increase or eliminate one altogether.
  • 1/23 people violate HOA terms --throwing items off balconies, improper parking, or glass by the pool. Enforcement is key, when violations occur we link the guest to their vehicle and unit. Security is equipped to issue and enforce citations.
  • 15,700 high rise fires occur each year. What do you do incase of an emergency or building evacuation? Currently HOA's lack an accurate headcount of owners, guests, or visitors during such situations. We can account for individuals.

How it works

Guest registration

Management Company Registers

The management company registers the individual, a link is then sent to the guest.

Guest Completes

The guest agrees to your HOA guidlines, enters their vehicle information and pays the registration fee.

Security Validates

Security authenticates vehicles, enforces HOA guidelines through unit lookup, and communicates with guests in the event of unforeseen situations.

Owner registration

Owner Registers

Owners register their vehicles by requesting apporval, thereby preventing unauthorized access.

CAM Validates

Any HOA administrator or Community Association Manager (CAM) can easily validate vehicles.

One-time code authentication

No password worries! One-time passwords (OTPs) provide extra security without the need for users to remember complex passwords.

Unit Manager

Admins can access the unit registry for reaching out to owners or management companies.

Unique false information detection

Users, at times, avoid entering accurate information, substituting their own instead of guests. Our commitment is to maintain reliable information.

Management company friendly

Designed to accommodate management companies, our platform provides integrated options for easy registration tracking.


Optimize HOA operations with insightful statistics, utilizing data-driven approaches for improved management efficiency.
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